Metal Sculpture, Wood Sculpture, Kinetic Art, Art Furniture, Mobiles, Corporate Art, Public Art, Abstract Paintings, Graphic Design, Photography and Prop Rental by Los Angeles sculptor Bruce Gray
Metal Sculpture, Wood Sculpture, Kinetic Art, Art Furniture, Mobiles, Corporate Art, Public Art, Abstract Paintings, Graphic Design and Prop Rental by sculptor Bruce Gray

Bruce Gray's contemporary and abstract modern metal and wood sculptures have been displayed as part of group or solo art exhibitions at many Art Galleries and Art Museums from Santa Monica to Soho and abroad. The Los Angeles sculptor is also well known for his kinetic sculptures which include mobiles and stabiles, amazing gravity defying suspended super power magnet sculptures, and rolling ball sculptures. Bruce's metal sculptures are part of over 1500 private and corporate art collections worldwide, and have appeared in hundreds of movies, TV shows, music videos, and commercials. See Bruce's TOP TEN favorite sculptures. Contact Bruce Gray by E- Mail. 688 South Avenue 21, Los Angeles, CA. 90031 USA / phone: 323-223-4059

Please watch the Telly Award winning movie "My World: 1.1" about Bruce Gray's sculptures and sculpture studio in Los Angeles by following this link.
Watch Bruce's TV Interviews on his Youtube Channel here.

Freestanding modern abstract and figurative sculptures in steel, aluminum, bronze and stainless steel by Los Angeles sculptor Bruce Gray.

Modern abstract colorfully painted multi level metal wall sculptures by Los Angeles sculptor Bruce Gray.

Modern and futuristic art furniture and functional art in steel, aluminum and stainless steel by Los Angeles sculptor Bruce Gray.

Modern colorful abstract paintings in acrylic on canvas and enamel on aluminum by Los Angeles artist Bruce Gray.

Hanging mobiles and stabiles and other kinetic art and kinetic sculpture both small scale to giant public commissions.

Giant and miniature sexy stiletto High Heel Shoe Sculptures in brushed metal and in bright colors by Los Angeles sculptor Bruce Gray.
Standing Sculptures &
Sculptures Page 2
Painted Wall Sculptures
( Series 1 - 42)
Art Furniture and
Functional Art
Modern Abstract Paintings Mobiles and Hanging
Kinetic Art
High Heel Shoe Sculptures

Found Objects sculptures and other artworks constructed primarily from various found objects and other assorted cool junk by Los Angeles sculptor Bruce Gray.

Mixed metals and assemblage abstract modern curvy wall sculptures using steel, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, brass and bronze by Los Angeles sculptor Bruce Gray.
A wide variety of modern wall sculptures and wall art in metals, wood, found objects and more by Los Angeles sculptor Bruce Gray.
Modern curvy sexy semi figurative wood sculptures by Los Angeles sculptor Bruce Gray in walnut, rock maple and other woods.
Magnetic sculptures with suspended super powerful neodymium iron boron rare earth magnets that appear to float by sculptor Bruce Gray.
Kinetic art, kinetic sculptures of all sizes and types by Los Angeles kinetic artist Bruce Gray.  All kinds of art that moves and has movement.
Found Objects Sculptures Mixed Metals
Wall Sculptures
Various Style
Wall Sculptures
Modern Carved Wood Sculptures Magnetic Sculptures Kinetic Art and
Kinetic Sculpture

Graphic wall sculptures and wall art by artist Bruce Gray including crop circle sculptures and sexy overlapping high heel stiletto shoe sculptures and more!

Movie and film appearances of sculptor Bruce Gray's artwork including his sculptures, paintings and one of a kind furniture.

Television appearnces of sculptor Bruce Gray or his artworks including his sculptures, paintings and one of a kind functional art furniture.

Sculptor Bruce Gray Sculpture Commissions and other public art projects as seen at airports, hospitals, universities, hotels and museums.
Abstract modern geotric standing sculptures in steel, aluminum, stainless steel and bronze by sculptor Bruce Gray.

Paper Plane Sculptures in aluminum and stainless steel by sculptor Bruce Gray
Graphic Wall Sculptures Movies and Films Television Commissions and Public Art Geometric Standing Sculptures Paper Plane Sculptures
Rolling ball machines kinetic art sculptures by sculptor Bruce Gray including gravity operated and motorized rolling ball sculptures. What's new from Los Angeles sculptor artist Bruce Gray? Various robot sculptures of all sizes by sculptor Bruce Gray including table top robots, large colorful robots and giant heavy found objects robot sculptures. Press clippings, magazines and newspapers around the world featuring sculptor / artist Bruce Gray and his artworks. Books featuring sculptor Bruce Gray's sculptures, paintings, unique functional art furniture and other various artworks. Sculptures, paintings, and functional art under by legendary artist / sculptor Bruce Gray for $600 or less.
Rolling Ball Machines What's New? Robot Sculptures Press Clippings
and Magazines
Books $600 and Under Sculptures

Graphic design, corporate identity  and logos by renowned Los Angeles designer artist Bruce Gray.
Biography of sculptor artist photographer designer painter musician film maker Bruce Gray from Los Angeles, California.

Miscellaneous photographs about sculptor Bruce Gray and his sculptures, paintings and unique functional art.

 Fine art photography and fashion photography by photographer Bruce Gray.

Giant insect sculptures in steel and found objects including a giant wasp, ant, fly, and spider by Los Angeles metal sculptor Bruce Gray.
Graphic Design /
Bruce Gray's
Miscellaneous Images Digital Paintings Photography
and Pg.2
Insect Sculptures
Home Products, Bed, Bath,
Clothing and Fashions

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Bruce Gray's sculpture "Woka Woka One" was at the TED Conference 2005. Info here! ... Watch Bruce on Weird America here
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