Scrapbook Photos by sculptor Bruce Gray
Here are some photos not specifically related to my art career, but were important milestones in getting to where I am now.
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These photographs are the property of Bruce Gray and cannot be used for any commercial purposes without permission.
Travels during the early years

Visiting relatives in Scotland Our home in Brussels, Belgium One of my first art influences, Switzerland My father in Zurich with his painting Bruce and brothers visiting father in Switzerland Vacationing at Butlins Holiday Camp at Clacton On Sea
Artworks during the early years (1956-1975)

Handmade electric guitar Very early Acrylic Sculpture and Paintings by Bruce in 7th grade. More Soon!
Bicycle Camping Trips with Friends to Cape Cod (1972 on)

Bridge to Cape Cod Biking Cape Cod with brother Alex Hammock Camping End of the trip with best friend Dave End of the bike trip with Dave
High School Days (1972 - 1975)

Friends Cloudy, Mark, Bruce Bruce spears an eel for dinner High School Friends
Graduation From Bridgewater - Raynham High School (1975)
You may as well see it here first. Graduation Day with mom 1975
U.S. Coast Guard Boot Camp (1975)

My "What have I done!" look Bruce in Honor Guard performing rifle twirling and synchronized marching manuvers Bruce in Honor Guard performing rifle twirling and synchronized marching manuvers Boot Camp Graduation Boot Camp Graduation with my mom and 3 friends. I am the second from right.
U.S. Coast Guard Electonic and Loran A School (1975)

USCG Training Center at Governor's Island, New York Electronics Classroom at Governor's Island, New York View of NYC from World Trade Center Visiting high school friends at top of World Trade Center New York City Sculpture New York City Sculpture
U.S. Coast Guard Loran Station
Cape Sarichef, Alaska
Aleutian Islands 1976 - 1977

Cold Bay, Alaska Unimak Active Volcano Cape Sarichef Loran Cape Sarichef Unimak Volcanoes

Tidal Wave Destruction Black Volcanic Beach Unimak Island World War 2 Relics Unimak Island Stream

Tidal Wave Destruction Unimak Island Bear Bear (Indoors) Bear Too Close! Unimak Island Bear

Yes, I know I'm a Fox Unimak Unimog ? Kodiak Island Rescue Loran A Equipment USCG Radio Console
U.S. Coast Guard Loran Station Jupiter, Florida 1978-1979

Loran C Equipment at USCG Jupiter Loran C Equipment at USCG Jupiter Barracks at USCG Jupiter, Florida Coast Guard friends at beach party Visiting Key West
Girlfriend, Motorcycle, and a Van......Don't bother me, I'm camping Shark swimming off the Florida Keys Dirt Bike Riding on Jupiter Island Naked Motorcycling  
National Guard Training During College 1981-1982
Bruce sitting on his bench made of sticks and twine only. Fort Drum, New York. Bruce driving an APC Armored Personnel Carrier at Otis Air Force Base. Very fun! My old friend Kevin gives it a try.
Bruce's Collection of Photographs of Exotic Sports Cars
Click photo to go to Bruce's Exotic Sports Car Page.
Investigating California as next home 1988

Bruce and friend Scott drive the PCH PCH Bridge View PCH California Coast View California Coast Hang Glider
Driving to Mexico City from Boston 1988
New Orleans My last stop in Texas, was Corpus Christi. Corpus Christi Sunset with birds Windsurfing at Corpus Christi Isolated Mexican Road with no traffic or gas stations

Mexican Pyramid Mexico and Bruce Mexican pyramid site Mexican pyramid site Mexico City
Mexican scenery Stopping to buy "tunas" in an isolated part of Mexico Ruins at Mexican pyramid site    
Visiting Yosemite with Brothers
Yosemite Half Dome Yosemite View 2 Yosemite View 3 Brothers at Yosemite
California Life and Times
Playing with an octopus Friends at the beach Sean, Eric, Scott Bruce's 40th Birthday Sailing Trip to Catalina
Brad & Alice        

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