Angeleno Magazine article on Los Angeles Artist Bruce Gray and his Sculptures
Artfully Dressed
Its that time of year again when the line seperating the true creative types from the costume rental poseurs becomes clear. Four LA artists skip the rental shop and enter the studio to create their ultimate Halloween get up. Now showing at a doorstep near you.


THE COSTUME: "Knight in Shining Aluminum"
THE SCULPTURE: Motorcycle, constructed with found objects including massive gears, a train coupling link, giant springs and a BMW motorcycle engine and tailpipe
MEDIUM: Steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and brass
TRAINING: BFA in design from The University of Massachusetts; art director at Allied Advertising; self taught welder
WHY LA: "Boston was just too conservative."
THE OEUVRE: A giant wedge of Swiss cheese; a 6 foot tall high heel shoe; suspended magnetic sculptures; and primitive found object collages
HEAVY METAL: "Steel is an aggressive medium, so I wanted my costume to be aggressive as well. What would be more appropriate than a futuristic Mad Max post apocalyptic character?"
PROUDEST ACCOMPLISHMENT AS AN ARTIST: "Not having to get a day job."
SEEN IN: The Gallery of Functional Art, Santa Monica; The MOCA Store, Los Angeles, The Andrew Shire Gallery, Los Angeles: and the Bruce R. Lewin Gallery, Manhattan
SMALL SCREEN CAMEO: Four of his pieces appeared in the season finale of Six Feet Under
WHAT SPOOKS YOU?: "Worms. They don't have a face so you can't tell which end is up. But I'm a little less weirded-out after watching people eat handfuls of them on Fear Factor."
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