Stopping to buy "tunas"

This is a photo of an isolated area in Mexico, where I stopped to buy a bag of pealed "tunas" from a small child. "Tunas" are those round red cactus blooms you see growing on cactus. They are pretty tasty, and since I didn't speak a word of spanish, I could only buy foods that I could point to, which meant eating a lot of junk food from "Bimbo" the Mexican equivelant of "Hostess." I have to say, that some of the tacos and other foods I got from street vendors in larger towns were absolutley outstanding! It was not that easy finding my way around, all the time, and I ended up on some roads that just ended in the middle of nowhere. There were VERY few cars going by, and sometimes there was no gas for 50 - 100 miles. In these isolated regions, the word is, no night driving because some roads are unpaved with no shoulder, and there are often large dead animals and rocks in the middle of the road. Some smaller towns were made completely of "found objects" and had no electricity, phones, or even running water. This trip was quite an adventure and definitely a cool experience.
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