Cape Sarichef Bears

This is a view of a bear strolling by the station. This was almost an every day experience just before dusk. The bears loved to forage for trash around the station, and occasionally broke into the building too. There was a strong feeling of respect for these bears, and even though we could have hunted them, I am glad to say that we chose not to. The caribou however, numbered in the thousands on this isolated and practically uninhabited island, and we did hunt and consume several caribou, equiped with legal Alaska hunting permits. I surprised a couple of bears while hiking a few times, but they usually paid us little attention. This was not the case when a mother had cubs with her. We got chased by a mother bear at about 30 mph when we came across 2 cubs that were jumping up and down in the grass to get a better look at us. Luckily we were in our trusty unimog vehicle and she gave up after chasing us a few yards.
The bears did kill or eat quite a few of our loyal and protective pet dogs, that were a comfort to have with us on an extended hike.

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