USCG Station Destroyed by Tidal Wave on Unimak island

This is a view of the remnants of the former Coast Guard Loran Station at Cape Sarichef, on the volcanic Unimak Island, in the Aleutian Islands. This station was wiped out by a large tidal wave, killing several Coast Guardsmen. You can still see some concrete foundation remnants. I witnessed huge waves here on a regular basis. One day I was on radio watch and recieved a "Z" or "FLASH" message. (They only send these in time of war or some sort of national emergency). It said there was a good chance of a tidal wave coming our way in a few hours. We prepared for the worst, but no tidal wave hit us. We did get some huge waves though. I recall the wind blowing so hard once that I was able to run up these cliffs with the wind pushing me, in about one tenth the normal time.
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